Telephone Engineer Ltd employs experienced Versatility trained engineers to assist your business with installation and support. Call 0800 849 4400 or click here
If your business is growing or moving to ISDN2 then we can provide the expansion cards or modules you need. Call 0800 849 5500 for help or click here
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Telephone Engineer have qualified BT Versatility telephone engineers across the country available to help your business with a complete range of installation, relocation and upgrade services for new and existing BT Versatility Phone Systems.

Moving an Existing BT Versatility System

If you are moving offices and wish to take your existing BT Versatility Telephone System then entrust Telephone Engineer Limited to de-commission your system and provide professional installation onto voice or data cabling at your new premises.

Telephone Engineer have already moved over 100 BT Versatility Systems for our existing customers which means that we have the depth of experience required to guarantee a fast and sucessful installation. When we move a system we will ensure that it is configured to EXACTLY the specification you need which includes setting up hunt groups, ring groups, voicemail boxes for individuals, groups or trunks.

We are able to move your system on a weekday, evening or on a weekend for a small extra charge.

If you are re-locating and want our help, please call free on 0800 849 5500.

New Installation of a BT Versatility Telephone System

BT Versatility Equipment is available to purchase from our shop by clicking here.

Whether purchased from our shop or another company, Telephone Engineer are able to provide your company will full installation, configuration and programming of BT Versatility Telephone Systems, Cards, Voicemail and Handsets.

Our installation service covers the following areas :-

  • Voice or CAT5e Cabling (Wiring to connect to your phones)
  • Physical connection of the cabling to your BT Versatility Phone System
  • Full Configuration of up to 40 Handsets
  • Full Programming of groups, lines and voicemail
  • Training and Handholding including copies of handset guides and feature lines
  • Full Onsite and Telephone Support option for all customers

Our engineers are X BT and have extensive exprience of BT Versatility Engineering and Sales and therefore we are able to provide you with the professional help and support you need.

If you require installation urgently, we can provide you with a 24 hour turnaround on most occasions.

To book an engineer or for further information, please call us FREE on 0800 849 5500.

Versatility Firmware Upgrades

A BT Versatility firmware upgrade requires an onsite engineer and requires a short period of telephone downtime.

Many applications, features and modules are reliant on newer versions of system firmware including Automated Attendant, Voicemail, Call Recording, Music on Hold adapter, PRI ISDN30 module and the Broadband module.

We will also flash your system to the latest firmware version which provides your BT Versatility with the latest features and bug fixes. Firmware updates take around 30 minutes and cost £99 + VAT.

For further help call us FREE on 0800 849 5500

Please note that Telephone Engineer Limited are NOT BT. We are an independent company who employ our own engineers. BT Maintained Customers who require the BT Versatility Helpdesk can reach them on 0870 240 8377.

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